Blue Ridge Magazine Article

Excerpt from “Sleeping In School (And not Getting Kicked Out!)”
May-June 2015 issue of Blue Ridge Country Magazine

“It’s a dream-come-true, especially for former students: The setting where they struggle to stay awake is now a place designed for the best in a comfortable night’s rest.” by Joe Tennis


Mike and Laura Hoskins put a lot of class into making guests feel wel­come at their plush and comfy bed­ and breakfast_ Mike Hoskins is also never tardy in sharing history: The Terrell House was a dormitory in the early 1900s for the Stanley McCormick School, a place where young ladies came to live in the small, mountain town of Burnsville, North Carolina.

“There were probably 12 or 13 girls -and one bathroom,” Mike Hoskins says, grinning. “That must have been a real challenge. But, there was probably an outhouse, too, I suspect.”

In 1927, the Stanley McCormick School became the Carolina New College. Soon after that switch, the college closed during the Great Depression in 1931.

Later, what one school bulletin had advertised as a “Cottage for Young Women” became a private home. Ultimately, this 4,500-square­foot structure was converted by 1991 into a six-room bed and­ breakfast by former owners John and Pat Terrell.

The Hoskins couple took over the B&B operations in 2006. And. today, says Mike Hoskins, “Every room has its own bathroom.”

Restaurant for Recess: Terrell House breakfasts boast such fare as pancakes with blueberries plus plenty of coffee.

You can also sample salads, sand­wiches, soups and specials like crab cakes or “Bourbon Sirloin” at the Garden Deli (828-682-3946) on Burnsville’s town square.